Thursday, March 25, 2010

GOPers Push Back, Lying Per Usual

The stupid the GOP has stirred up is biting them in the butt and they're trying to spin it and duck it and lie about it. Poor victim Cantor came out swinging (lying) claiming his office had been shot at - TPM police report. 'We didn't stir anything up, the Democrats are just going for political advantage,' is their current theme. Shaddig on Hardball, the tone stinks - we didn't have anything to do with it, Cantor was shot at too... These are just a few bad apples in a bunch of *patriotic god-fearing realamericans* and nobody should hold all of them responsible. We didn't stir up the crowd at the Capitol - we were just talking.

How about using lies to scare the shit out of people who think you're 'on their side?' People who despite all evidence think you'll tell them the truth? How about people who take some cues from what is said from the Congressional floor? You asses lied, lied, and lied in the most inflammatory terms and now that the people you lied to are losing their minds over it you want it to just be ... politics as usual. Those people are, what, for taking you seriously? I'm a political junkie so I know they're fools for taking you seriously - you want to go ahead and admit that?

Do you people lie with such frequency that you no longer understand that even though people expect politicians to speak with their political ends in mind that some of them actually respect you? You may know you're worthy of none of that respect - I certainly do - but that is not how they take it. You cannot do what you've done with your rhetoric without the RUBES taking it too far. The very fact that they elect and re-elect you should warn you that they're dumbasses who believe you. I know it's asking more than you are probably capable of; but you could stop to think about just how far you should take your lies.

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