Monday, March 22, 2010

Comments And Troll-tard Comments

I enjoy comments to this site, for one thing it assures me somebody is reading it and I'm not just wasting my time. I don't mind being expanded on or disagreed with. I write what I think, but I also know that I can make mistakes - or, horrors, be wrong.

Regarding troll-tards, look dimwits - if you think I'm screwed up you need to manage some actual critique to be taken seriously. Otherwise you're just mockery fodder. Shoot, I may even argue with you and I will treat you with some courtesy if you want to make an actual argument. Understand this, I am quite familiar with being disagreed with.

C'mon now, Blogspot gives you a bunch of ways to give yourself some kind of identity and they're neither complicated nor intrusive of your privacy. I happen to know that some of the people who stop by are quite smart and even witty, have fun.

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