Sunday, February 07, 2010

Teabaggery T&A

Given that this is the Teabaggery bunch, maybe the WaPo is taking it seriously enough :
Sarah Palin watch: She looks trim, fit -- and brimming with energy and plans
By Ann Gerhart

It had been a while since we had seen Sarah Palin live and in person. And then she popped onto stage Saturday night at the National Tea Party convention in Nashville, and we made these observations:

1) She's lost a lot of weight, perhaps 15 pounds. She looked trim and firm, like she's hoisting the barbells or maybe chopping wood. (...)
2) She wore a fitted black suit, black hose and high black platform heels. (...)
3) She was animated and full of energy, so much so that she kept knocking her microphone with her hand as she made her points. (...)

I didn't take it that seriously...


Suzan said...

All I can think of to say is why wouldn't the WaPo promote it? She serves their interests.

And why wouldn't she look fit and trim and slimmer? She hasn't just pumped out another aimless tot, and it takes some type of conscience I would think to have actually considered her ridiculous past performances and be more reflective if not actually thinking seriously about anything to do with the actual running of a country in trouble.

But I'm not a fan.


Let the tea partyers style her as the next Thomas Paine if they like. We know she never even read (let alone heard of) the pamphlets.


She was animated and full of energy

Anonymous said...

OK, so you don't like the Tea Partiers, Chuck. Why do you have to be an asshole and call them "tea baggers"?

-Anthony O'Donnell

Chuck Butcher said...

Um, Anthony because it pisses them off. If they want to be homophobic cretins the least I can do for them is twist their chains so they'll feel gratified. This is the Left talking here, they can't hear me or understand the plain facts that make them ridiculous.

Chuck Butcher said...

Anthony, thanks for using a name - that's darn unusual for certain points of view around here. BTW, it was not one of my campaigns to send tea bags to Congress.

Chuck Butcher said...

Nice to see you Suzan, BTW the Blues is probably my favorite music genre. If you get the chance give my good friend Jimmy Lloyd Rea & the Switchmasters a listen. Hard driving blues.

Anonymous said...

I see. It's because you misunderstand the movement and stereotype all its members as a particular kind of being you don't like and can more plausibly marginalize. At least your error makes your boorishness in this case more understandable.


Chuck Butcher said...

Anthony, I don't misunderstand this clownishness. I have previously covered their issues and debunked them. The plain fact is that these issues raised no such ire under (R) BushCo white guys, now...

I don't take TP seriously for good reasons. Do I understand anger at bankers and bought out pols? Of course I do, and they're a heck of a lot more egregiously involved in the (R) bunch and TP ignores that. Clowns - period.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, you're clearly focusing on elements you can dismiss and not on the ones that merit taking more seriously. As I see it, the success of the Tea Party movement is not owing to fringe types, who are in a mood to revolt against a Democrat, but rather due to shared libertarianism among a variety of types. The common thread is fiscal responsibility and a belief in limited government.

Many of these people did criticize Bush's spending throughout his presidency. Furthermore, the financial crisis didn't happen until the end of Bush's second term, so obviously there wasn't the same fury, and nor was there the same indignation and disillusionment toward the people who were supposedly up to the responsibility of running the financial system (both business and government in a variety of ways).

Not sure what you mean by more "egregiously involved." My understanding is that Obama enjoyed a lot of support from Wall Street firms and other industries, and as a senator from Delaware Joe Biden has obvious links to the banking/credit card industry.

Martha Coakley didn't take the Tea Partiers seriously either. Her case isn't as characteristic as most Tea Partiers, conservatives, Republicans would like to think (e.g., Massachusetts is notorious for independents, the state already had a similar healthcare regime and citizens worried what a fed plan would mean for them). Nevertheless, there is a broad reaction against excessive spending and a leftward lurch in government, as manifested by not only Massachussets, but also the gubernatorial elections in Va. and N.J. The Tea Party movement is another symptom.


Chuck Butcher said...

You're wasting your time, Anthony. This is a collection of clowns with a circus show collection of issues. Everybody except the dog has taken credit for Coakley - other than Coakley who should.

Not even Teddy K could run a campaign that bad and expect to win. If you want to think it means something for (apparently) your bunch - please do and I can't help but hope most of you do and follow through. Please do Primary every Republican running and, by gad, win those Primaries.

Anybody you put up that can manage to win is no worse than the GOP members and I'd rather the GOP delegation was honestly reflective of your bunch.

You actually brought up Libertarians on this site? They're easier to mock than the teabaggers, and understand insults more easily.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am wasting my time if the only argument you have is "I don't like it. QED."

Not sure how underestimating the opposition is going to work out for you.


Chuck Butcher said...

Your inability to search this blog for the articles I've already written does not mean I'm going to re-write them for you.