Sunday, February 07, 2010

Teabaggers, Welcome To The Monkeyhouse

Anyone who has ever been to the zoo has watched the monkeys throw poop and play with themselves. If you were a child you probably had your parents trying to stand between you and the display. There are no parents in Teabaggery and no particular evidence of evolution above monkeydom, either.

To start somewhere near the beginning, there was no Teabaggery as GWB trashed something like deficit recovery under Clinton (surplus my ass) with tax cuts for the wealthy. Not a whisper as the on paper budget exploded deficits and no whimpering as off the record war financing tore a hole in finances. No Teabaggery accompanied the Federal subsidization of Halliburton (Cheney's failure as CEO), not quite as blatant as the GM bailout, but not in the least inconsiderable. No Teabaggery happened as Patriot Act and FISA work-arounds were instituted. No Teabaggery rock throwing at Jack Abromoff, as opposed to say the Soros meme. Teabaggery would have you believe that Barack Obama instituted the Bankers Bailout. Teabaggery would have you ignore six years of Republican House, Senate, and Presidency and the results there of, this mess is due to the Socialist Democrats and the nigger in chief.

The media can't get enough of this bunch and treats them as something other than delusional freaks. They lose their minds if the Obama DOJ acts as though the Constitution and rule of law need to be respected by treating terrorists as law breakers instead of military units and scream about the Constitution being abrogated. The media doesn't bother to do more than transcribe their rants, it cannot be bothered with things like simple facts. Six hundred people paid over $500 to get massive media attention, a Star Trek convention in the same town would shoot itself over a turn out like that, virtually any convention would hang its head in shame. The Portland Gun Show would be done for (yes, Communist Portland Oregon) if it had this attendance and yet the national media will go on and on about idiots with no facts and a loser grasp on reality. People who have employment because the Fed stepped into GM will cheer these idjits on as they scream socialism without taking a single look at the Halliburtons or the wealthy.

Rather than point and laugh as Tancredo, Palin, and assorted ... loons throw their poop and masturbate the Republican right fringe the media acts as though something happened. The ex-Gov of the biggest Federal welfare state who bought the affection of her in state electorate with the socialism of direct payments from industry actually is taken seriously as she talks about tax cuts and socialism. The Federal welfare states of the South get taken seriously as they bankroll foreign auto manufacturers to compete with the US industry, national tax dollars are used to make up the tax short fall - you know? Nobody in the media mentions it. Tancredo seriously talks about the racist poll tests as though his audience could pass one and the media doesn't scoff?

The political dialogue in this country has descended into the muck because the liars and distorters don't get called for it, they get a media megaphone instead. Teabaggery gets to call liberal bias as the liberally biased media gives them free play. Try to find one major media market that calls out the rampant bullshit slung by this bunch. It isn't as though the facts are even that hard to find, 5 minutes research by any reader of this would be sufficient to debunk any given Teabaggery rant, but the media can't be bothered. I don't propose partisanship, just some damn facts to go along with the monkeyshines.

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