Sunday, February 07, 2010

I Thought You Quit

I did. The problem is that it is winter and money is tight which means distractions are bit difficult to come by and the level of stupidity is way past ignoring. I tried not seeing the political news. The problem is that any local venues contain it and my intellect is simply incapable of tuning out egregious stupidity committed by power. Once that's happened I'm simply incompetent at keeping quiet about it.

The handful of you who give enough of a rat's patoot to click on this thing will be gratified and those who might benefit a bit will continue to provide fodder for my outrage in blissful ignorance of its existence.


Phil said...

Consider me gratified, Chuck. Hope you enjoyed your vacation. Welcome back.

Chuck Butcher said...

Vacation, Phil? It took more effort to avoid the mess and keep quiet than to be pissed off about it and gratify you all. ;-)