Monday, May 18, 2009

A Short One On The Harley Break

I present for your consideration a new Harley, a springer soft-tail.

***click for full size***

It is a very new Harley, it has about 250 miles on the odometer in this picture. What you are looking at is one of Harley Davidson's "Custom Vehicle Operation" products. This is a Screaming Eagle Soft-tail, which means it is a custom built motorcycle packing a hot rod 110 cubic inch engine (1800cc for the metricly inclined) and assorted high end improvements put together in Harley's one-off shop with a custom paint job.

The travel gear is now off of it and once I get the bug slaughter removed I'll take some "Harley porn" shots of it. There are some nice travel pictures now on file but I'm too worn to amuse you tonight, the trip was right at 400 miles on a brand new bike. I'll close on this note, this is one bad motor scooter.

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