Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dawn Johnson Hung Out To Dry? Our Senate? Whose?

Barack Obama's choice to head the DOJ's OLC, Dawn Johnson, is hung up in the Senate for a lack of 60 votes to move the nomination to the floor. This hang up is supposedly because she did legal work for a pro-choice organization years ago - that might have something to do with anything if the OLC had anything to do with abortion. It doesn't, but what Dawn Johbson's real sin is was her endorsement of the rule of law. You know law, that thing the DOJ is supposed to enforce? Well, there are limits, like whether or not you were a part of the Bush Administration. In case you were, then you are obviously not to be a part of the enforcement function of the DOJ - you are special, you are elite, you are exempt because...because...well it would be really inconvenient if the powerful had to follow rules, those are for the little people, the proles.

If you want to know how you're represented in the Senate take a look at this issue. Who the fuck do you think you are to assert that any law you are subject to applies to the powerful? You do realize that a whole 33 Senators voted to cap credit card interest at 15% while those companies are charging up to 41% on money the Fed is handing out essentially for free. Try going into that business and charging that rate and you'll be jailed for loan sharking. You know there is a little matter of TARP funds for most of those issuers and Fed bailout funds of untold TRILLIONS. But a 15% cap is so damn unreasonable that only 33 bleeding heart socialistic communist running dog Senators could be rounded up to vote Yea.

Since you aren't a bank or a torturer of helpless humans you DO NOT COUNT. I'll just bet when you voted for one of these pricks you thought you were voting to be represented, didn't you... Too bad for you.

Any Teabaggers listening? Not a chance.

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