Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lindsey Graham On Torture - WTF, Over

If you understand this crock of horse manure you have a very convoluted brain. This moron contradicts himself every other sentence.

When you try to defend the indefensible you are going to have a real big problem with using reason. The funniest part of this is Lindsey's claim to having been a prosecutor most of his life - certainly not now - I'm curious how his reasoning applies to those he put behind bars.

Let me be real clear, I rank torturers and their apololgists with child rapists and keeping their goddam partisan tour away from me would be real damn smart. That's right Lindsey, I don't have a polite adjective to hang with your name and I sure don't have a polite reaction to you. Ten years ago you'd be a pariah for this little speech - that you aren't today speaks volumes to the levels of debasement to which GWBushCo took this nation. I've had you pathetic worms, all of you and your debased supporters.

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opit said...

I tend to drop URLs around when I see something that begs to be linked to another story.
This is the 'discussion' that will not die : because logic and reason do not count against relentless, disciplined misrepresentation which repeats ad infinitum - ad nauseam even - regardless of its reception.