Tuesday, May 05, 2009

jeff Sessions And The Confederate Party of Republicanism

Some have mentioned the Republican Party having some difficulties with minorities and youth in the voting arena. What is the upshot of putting an unreconstructed racist pig asshole like Jeff Sessions in Minority Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee? This is the guy who as a US Attorney referred to a white lawyer litigating for black civil rights as a disgrace to his race. If that one doesn't get you, how about calling the ACLU a communist inspired organization? It might get you going that he prosecuted blacks for voter fraud and ignored white fraud - and by the way, lost.

It is only fair to note that he called filibustering SCOTUS nominees as destructive to the Constitution and the democratic process. Sure, that was Republican Bush nominees he was talking about...

There are some rightwing loons in the Republican side of Congress, Sessions is the exemplar on the Senate side. Grassley and Hatch were too liberal for the seat...too librul. There were warning signs of a cliff in front of the Republican juggernaut, they just ran over the signs.

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Bpaul said...

Just saw a quote over at Preemptive Karma about the Republican Juggernaut that I thought you'd appreciate -- fits in with todays post perfectly.

"What are they working their PR out with over there ... an Etch-A-Sketch?"


Zak Johnson said...

Over at Daily Kos they have some poll numbers showing 8-9% of Republicans nationally actually say they support secession, with much higher numbers in the South. Nationally the numbers who "aren't sure" if they'd be better off if their state left the union are about 1/3 of Republicans, again with higher numbers in the south. One wonders what percentage of the same would-be secessionists would favor repealing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I suspect it's the same demographic, and stems from the same motivations & resentments.

Rush Limbaugh's diatribe against Colin Powell today is illustrative.

Chuck Butcher said...

Pretty comical that the Party of Lincoln wants to secede.