Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spector A Local Story ???

Mitch McConnell just got done proposing that Arlen Specter's change to Democratic is not a national story, that it is about Pennsylvania. It is true that he is one of PA's two Senators and would be running in PA not nationally, but that still is a jaw dropping statement. Mitch just got done having a much closer call in his election than he would have before and Republicans are now down to 40, not a national deal? Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe aren't national issues to Mitch? The chances that Specter would have changed parties minus Toomey's challenge are pretty small and Toomey challenge isn't about national politics. Republican Senators in the 2010 election outside a few states face some real difficulties if the economy recovers.

I don't know what blanket Republicans like Mitch are hiding under, but it is poor protection from the earthquake that is bringing their house down. Not looking at something doesn't make it go away, Mitch. I don't mind if Republicans spend the next six years in the political woodshed - they've earned it - but at some point a responsible opposition party is essential to our version of democracy and they are proving they're not it.

I haven't heard about challenges from the right to anyone other than Specter and McCain and McCain certainly isn't in danger - yet. It is important to remember when the (R) incumbents were elected, 2004. That was quite a bit different point in American politics and I don't think they can manage to bring it back. When a 29 yr incumbent has to change parties to have a chance of staying in office the implications are national.

I'm really torn on whether I'd like the Republicans to pay attention to this story...

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Zak Johnson said...

Yeah, well, as my grandma used to say, let McConnell wish in one hand and piss in the other and see which fills up first. "Local story"? In his dreams.