Thursday, April 02, 2009

Palin Re-illustrates Stupidity

Given the limited pool, one wouldn't expect the Alaskan Republican Party to provide real esteemed members of the intelligent policy types, they haven't. McClatchy reports some of the less than thought through of ARP Chair Randy Ruedr.
"We had a complete collapse of the Department of Justice case against him, and I think the proper way for this to be played is for former Mayor Begich to stand for election under fair terms, rather than presumed terms, so we have an opportunity for Alaskans to pick who they want to be their United States senator."

Enter Sarah, bright as ever.
"I absolutely agree."

Both of these people have decided that since the felon in question is a Republican that it is not just another case of a prosecution created technicality resulting in dismissal of charges. Teddy is not exonerated by any stretch of the imagination, the DOJ will not pursue and has asked Judge Sullivan to dismiss. Somehow in the face of their near constant mantra about liberal judges and other liberals being soft on crime and letting rat bastards off on technicalities, Ted isn't one. This is laughable. Their ordinary judgements are suspended if it involves the tribe.

Palin and Ruedr would like to play at what ifs. What if Ted had not been charged or had been found not guilty, but they don't want to go to what if the prosecution had played it right and Ted was still guilty, or what if the moon had crashed into the earth. What if is one of the stupidest games humans play, what you can be pretty sure of is what did happen after that it is pure guess work. But Palin and her coterie want to state this as though there is fact backing up their assertions. What if in 2000 FL had recounted the vote? Well we sure don't know because they didn't.

If wishes were fishes ...

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Zak Johnson said...

This was a major screw-up by the prosecutors of what should have been an open and shut case against Stevens. You would think Stevens' supporters would want to thank Holder for his even-handed impartiality in not pursuing a politically motivated witch hunt; but admitting that Holder might actually be qualified for his job would set up too much cognitive dissonance. I'm disagree strongly with our A.G. on some things, but this looks like a good call on his part. Unfortunately in our political climate impartiality is seen as weakness, as is mercy.