Thursday, April 23, 2009

Medical Personnel?

John Ensign just asserted on Hardball that we had medical personnel on hand for enhanced interrogation and that excuses the practices from being torture. Now hold on just a whole damn minute here, if it isn't torture then what possible use or need are medical personnel? If there is no danger of personal damage or physical risk then exactly why is it required to have medical personnel present? If I ask you a question or talk to you about various ethical or moral implications of your behavior in order to persuade you that you should tell me what is going on there is absolutely no reason to think a doctor or medic or any such would need to be at hand.

If I start putting your physical or psychological well-being at risk then it starts to be important to have a doctor around. Once you reach that point you are in violation of virtually every legal statute involving the treatment of human beings. If I can not do it to you and a sheriff or policeman cannot do it to you then crossing that line is torture. Making statements to the contrary on the basis of the federal governmental employment of the torturers is flatly assisting in a felony, either its cover-up or the commission of it. I'd say that John Ensign is not only a unprincipled prick he is involved in criminal behavior - take a good look at him and see a clean cut well-dressed rich scum bag. He may be acting in partisan fashion - I'm not, I don't care what Party he belongs to, though it figures there's an (R) after his name.

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