Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Slow Days At Chuck for...

Various factors have been contributing to a slowdown in posting at this blog. Nicotiene withdrawal, lack of my coffee leveler, grief, economic woes have played havoc with my interest. I'll get over it so keep checking back.

If you care to use this comment section for your own playground.


kathleenmaher said...

Any one of your difficult circumstances would stop me in my tracks. Everyone's different but you need to do whatever gets you through the day.
Many, many years ago, when my little sister was killed by a drunk driver, I could not write anything for two years. At one point I went to a counselor, wondering why I couldn't get over the loss enough to resume working hard. The counselor told me that in her experience it took people an average of five years to concentrate the way they had before. Of course, those in mourning weren't the same after five years, but they were getting to where they lose themselves for a while.
Our society doesn't offer many ways to express grief, which I see as a serious lack. Long ago, when families suffered death more often, many society's mandated five years of mourning. Mothers stayed indoors for five years. Widows wore black for five years.
Predetermined stages may not make much sense anymore, but tolerance and understanding and willingness to acknowledge how grief alters our life should be taught, I think. Too many people really don't know. And it often shocked me how uncomfortable they were if I mentioned my loss; and how fast they would offer adages like: Life must go on.
It does, of course, but nothing's the same and pretending otherwise promotes denial rather than healing. Healing takes time, but more than that--self-knowledge. Further, it requires good will and sympathy. I don't know you but in my thoughts you and your wife truly do have my good will and my sympathy.

Phil said...

I'm in it for the long haul, Chuck; rest assured I'll be here when you get back up to speed.

ShortWoman said...

You are entitled to slow days. Weeks even, if you need it. The beauty of RSS feeds is that I will see you when you get back, no matter when that may be.

Nevertheless, I wish you a timely recovery from each of your woes in turn.

ThePoliticalCat said...

What Phil said, my friend. I'm here nearly every day, and I'm here for you every day. Write when you feel like it, I'm always connected to you.

Kathy said...

Healing does take time, and to even imply that you will ever be totally "healed" is probably inaccurate. I didn't have my first child for long, but it didn't negate our love for him or our desire to have him "stay" with us. Many years later I can still be brought to tears over it, even though today I can see, without a doubt, that God used it for good in my life. Draw the distinction in what I said: God does not cause bad things, but He CAN use them to work out good. That's my prayer for you and Scottie.
I love you.