Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wrapping Up

The Voter's Pamphlets have been out and ballots are arriving, the 2nd CD Roadshow played it's last stops today, it's been interesting and some fun but now it's the waiting time. We'll get to see what the Democratic voters of the 2nd CD decide to do with the four of us after May 16. So campaigning is over, oh, if there's a call for an interview or something like that it'll happen but actively campaigning is over for the Campaign to Elect Chuck for the Primary.

I have been privleged to travel and speak with 3 other good people, we were thrown together by political chance, got aquainted through political discussions and then had the chance to make friends on a personal basis. I have had demonstrated to me over and over again what fine people live in the 2nd CD, people I'd be proud to represent. They've opened their houses to us, and welcomed us into their communities and contributed and worked on our behalf. The media has treated us kindly and fairly and opened doors to us, I'm grateful.

Pat Ackley, Chair of 2nd CD Caucus has worked her hind-end off for us, and with her help and coordination the County Chairs have pulled off the near impossible, Candidate Forums in ajoining counties workable for the candidates. DPO field organizers Autumn and Jesse traveled many miles to be with us. The DPO made a contribution to all four candidates despite the pressing concern of the State races. This assistance has been invaluable and the encouragement and enthusiasm sustained us through many miles of travel.

No matter how the Primary turns out, I have gained something I will treasure forever. I now have a very person connection with 2/3 of the State of Oregon, and with people from all over the country who have followed this campaign. I want to thank Dan Davis, Scott Silver, and Carol Voisin for their dedication, their comraderie, and a fine campaign. I believe that the Democrats of the 2nd CD have been well served and given good choices to make. We all win.

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