Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Oh ooops

You'd have to know how I approach public speaking to understand how this came about...
I don't have a speech, I don't want one getting between me and the audience. I get up, and if I can, I walk about right up by the folks, and talk to them entirely ad lib, free style, or off-the-cuff. I do this to guarantee genuineness, it's what I've got. Oh sure I've got policies, but so do we all, and they're pretty similar, so I just give them...me.

I was rolling along nicely in my 8 minute introduction and evidently, since I'm quoted in the Bulletin as doing it, I called waldenbush "a pinhead." Now I can call him waldenbush, his voting record earned that, or maybe more accurately "waldenlay" since he voted even more regularly with Tom, but really, pinhead is over the top, so I'm sorry Greg. I was tired, I had a toothache, and I was pretty disgusted with that voting record and just got a little too worked up. I'm sure there were more polite descriptions of a guy who'd vote against the interests of the majority of his district just to please his little party machine and the wealthy and powerful. I know there are and I have a pretty good command of the English language, pinhead just popped out. So I appologize to you for calling you a pinhead. I also appologize to all pinheads.


Steve Bucknum said...

Oh, pinhead is okay.

He's not a pinhead per se, he just votes like one.

You'd have to be a pinhead to come from a rural district, and vote against rural health care - several times.

You'd have to be a pinhead to vote against our soldiers, vote to send jobs overseas, vote for tax relief for oil companies while they are making records profits, vote against loans for college students, vote against education funding (K-12), etc. - while saying that you are "in touch with my District".

So, Walden's not a pinhead per se, he just votes like one.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »