Monday, April 03, 2006

Four Candidates

Democrat voters in the 2nd CD are a lucky bunch, I have as opponents three very nice, capable, intelligent people. These are people that I would have no problem supporting if any one of them was the winner in the Primary. Now, we all obviously believe there are good reasons to vote for ourselves rather than the other person, but we manage to present that idea in a manner that isn't insulting or condescending to the others. Every time I speak at a Forum I mention that I'm proud to be in this field, and that's not niceness for the sake of nicety. It is a fact. I encourage all of you to look the field over carefully, everybody in it is making sacrifices to present themselves and deserves a fair hearing.

Since this is my site and I'm trying to win a Primary, I'm not going to make their presentations for them (I also might not do them justice). I believe that quite frankly the biggest differences are a matter of how we appeal to voters in the General, I've been telling you why I can beat waldenbush and I'll continue to do so. Because this is a Primary and at this point I'm talking to Democrats I'm not going to spend a lot of time telling you why you shouldn't vote for waldenbush, you should already have that one figured out. I am going to tell you that money will help a lot, but even more so is your willingness to talk to your friends and neighbors about "that Chuck guy." If you'd like some literature, drop me an email and I'll snail mail some to you. If you have Word Publishing I can send a file for printing, this would be of huge assistance and greatly appreciated. If we've visited your county, your Party committee ought to have some spares, that's what they're for, after all, to give away.


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