Friday, April 14, 2006

Beating Waldenbush

While I 've stated repeatedly that it can be done, beating Greg Walden in the General Election is going to be a real job, a "tough row to hoe." On that optimistic note, let's get down to some basics, he can't be beaten with money. The money isn't available. So, it comes down to beating him for nearly free. That is where you come in, you're political capital.

Now reality is that all the advertising in the world won't do more than get your face and name out, unless you go for the real nasty stuff, and that can boomerang. So what works? The very real credibility of someone who is known, speaking up for the candidate. That speaking up works best in person, in conversation, but if your name is known at all, letters to the editor help quite a bit. Passing out literature and posting signs demonstrates support and the literature can possibly be persuasive, but it carries the lack advertising does. The real caveate in all this is knowing who the candidate is and being comfortable with most of their stands. All this takes time and energy, that's a lot to ask, but it also is what will work. It will take a push of Presidential Election proportions to bring this off, in fact, more than the last Presidential Campaign.

I propose that now is the time to try it out, see what works. It is the time to show that we're serious and determined. Yes, this is a Primary, but depending on the Voter's Pamphlet creates voter ignorance, informed people spreading the word creates an interested and informed electorate. We have got to come out of this Primary with an enthused Democratic Party core or we're toast. A lot of people have got to be reached out to and touched, that's a tough one. I do what I can do, I give you as real a person as language and time allows and the best principles and politics that I know, but that's not nearly enough. I simply don't have the reach you do. All this is true of the other three candidates, as far as I can tell. So please get out there and push, infect some other people so they'll push. It can work.

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