Saturday, August 01, 2009

Idiots Are Still Idiots

From the Comments:
I do believe you have put 'your money where your mouth is' so to speak and admire you for getting involved but to basically call conservatives a bunch of 'idiots' is to do nothing more than make people that don't believe the way you do oppose you just on that principle. Call me names and while I won't come kick your ass I will walk the neighborhoods and oppose your candidacy...good luck and good hunting.

Look folks, if you continually run your head into a concrete wall and do it in belief in lies and distortions that are easily debunked you are an idiot. I'm not going to apologize to "birthers" and "evul soshalized medsin" crowd and a great whacking percentage of Republicans that buy into their crap. I'd like the conservatives to point to one of their successful programs, other than managing to wreck our economy. The list of liberal success stories is quite long and are even now claimed by or ignored by conservatives. Things like SS, Medicaide, Medicare, and veterans programs were in pretty good shape until the conservatives started trying to turn them into private cash cows.

If you play in the Birther movement you are ignoring so damn many facts to fill an emotional need that it seems unsafe to let you wander around without a keeper. Whatever you might think of the federal intelligence organizations or federal law enforcement agencies a birth certificate is pretty damn simple. YOU ARE AN IDIOT

Teabaggers are one of my pet peeves, the US taxpayer (private or business) is one of the least taxed in the world while supporting a military with the largest percentage of GDP in the world. They squeal about socialism with no idea what that actually is would actually rather see their own jobs go than have a reluctant government save them. They tout Reagan and blow a gasket when Obama talks about returning to tax rates lower than Reagan's. They have no facts - only an emotional response to his Presidency.

Political scare emails fly all around the internet proposing truly stupid and inaccurate things as fact. The fact that it came to you in this little screen does not validate it, does not make stupidity fact. If it seems horrifying and most of your fellows aren't aware; it is entirely unlikely that it has anything to do with anything. Major media has its shortcomings, but ignoring really scary stuff isn't one of them - they love a big splashy story. They love it especially if it hits a big chunk of their demographics, like say euthanizing the elderly. If believe this crap anyhow, you are an idiot.

If you buy into the idea that something like ACORN is some corrupt political conspiracy you are ignoring that the electoral fraud of real consequence and real fact has been prosecuted against Republican operatives. Organizational fraud and governmental misconduct in electoral matters has been nearly the exclusive province of the conservative political orientation. Just for your information, ACORN flagged the questionable registrations which is why it was public, the law states they must be turned in - regardless. The Republicans have been prosecuted for things like throwing valid (it doesn't matter) registrations in the trash if they were Democratic. Florida disenfranchised huge numbers of voters, Democrats, on the basis of a Republican controlled SoS and research organization. You are an idiot. The talking points of the Republican Party as repeated by Fox News are not facts and they are debunked considerably more than any other major outlet. If it is your sole news source and political commentary source you are an idiot.

It has been proposed that I'm being gratuitously rude to people and that they won't take me seriously because I call them names. Let's be real damn clear, if you are being an idiot the chances you'll pay the least bit of attention to me are vanishingly small. If you don't like it, don't read this or stop being an idiot.

I do some self-censoring, I try to avoid profanity used for its own sake and I don't run sexually provocative content but I will call things by their proper names and being an idiot qualifies you for being called one - at the very least on that particular issue. If you find yourself being offended, you might stop to think just how offensive I find you and your adherence to stupidity. Yes, you and yours regularly call me considerably worse than I've ever called anyone.


Micgar said...

Chuck-just wanted to say-I love your writing! To hell with those people who will not listen to reason. You lay out the facts here and they just go back into their cocoon-they keep spewing out the same talking points.
The thing about the Tea baggers is dead on. They don't have any idea what they're talking about-not one thing! They obfuscate with exaggeration and stats from the latest wingnut study. Never an unbiased source from those people-even though they purport to be unbiased and apolitical.

realbtl said...

Chuck- It seems pretty simple. For all practical purposes Conservative = Republican and currently Republican = birthers, 6000 year old earthers, Obama is a "soshulist", etc. There are 2 choices:
1. You believe all of this nonsense = You're an idiot, or:
2. You've let the people who do believe this crap hijack your party = You're an idiot.
See how easy?