Thursday, October 17, 2013

Then and Now In This Blog

   This blog started its life as a campaign site intended to put out my campaign stands in an open forum, one where supporters, prospective supporters, and even opponents could have a say - a tacit acknowledgement that I didn't have all the answers or that my answers could be improved.  After I managed to not win the Primary (in retrospect - thankfully) this blog shifted gears to commenting on public affairs and supporting various policies and some politicians.  During 2009 readership declined until it was clear that I was preaching to a pretty small choir and my output declined. 

   Over the next couple years it became clearer to me that the political process was owned by plutocratic enablers and a handful of anarchistic clowns.  The 2010 elections began to seal the deal for me.  It was obvious to me that way too many people were entirely willing to be lied to and mislead into voting against their own clear interests in favor of hate and fear and that the less irresponsible Party couldn't campaign its way out of a closet.  I could continue to do the research and tolerate the aggravation to my sanity by participating or I could just... check out.

  I don't know exactly why I'm back here after a rather petulant "see ya!"  Maybe some of it has to do with the GOP tantrum over the past several weeks.  That tantrum has been on going since that black guy with the nasty (D) after his name got elected but got to nearly historic proportions lately.

   Anyhow, maybe I'll take another shot at this and maybe give folks some ammunition to spend with their friends and neighbors of deluded persuasion.  Yes, I said friends and neighbors - first leave your family alone, no sense in ruining dinners - and second, politicians that would listen already know this or need to be elected which takes your friends and neighbors voting for them.  If you're dissatisfied and share what you see here you have to remember that a Primary election is where you get to put somebody you like in rather than vote against the other guy in the General.

   I'll talk about things and I'd appreciate readers telling me things - in other words using the comments. 


Stephen Beard said...

You weren't elected. Count yourself as a lucky man since you were running Oregon District 2, that vast collection of desert, mountains, plains and polite but crazy people opposed to anything proposed by Democrats.

Good luck with this. I've found your comments to be interesting and, considering the busted ankle, a bit gory.

Ex-Oregonian to ex-Oregonian, baby.

Chuck Butcher said...

Stephen, I loved the place and most of the folks.

alina jon said...

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