Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Time Has Come

As some of you know, I moved to Michigan from Oregon last October.  I now live in what is (or used to be) called the Northern Midwest and it is home to a couple states like Michigan and Wisconsin which pretty much surround Lake Michigan and have proven to have surrounded it with vast and copious quantities of "teh stupid."  The outcome of this and the rampant stupidity in DC and the media (which purportedly exists to inform us) has had an effect on me and it isn't nice.  Get the hell out of here if you want nice.

You people are fucking idiots.  I am surrounded by the kind of idiots who blame Detroit for being a mess after they all bailed on it because the population darkened and left it to rot.  I am surrounded by people who think it is reasonable to pay 6% tax to wipe their asses while their betters spend a pittance of their income on sales tax.  I am surrounded by people who couldn't count past ten with their shoes on and claim the (D)s are socialists.  I am surrounded by people who think environmental regulations are bullshit, after watching rivers catch on fire and their fisheries tank and cheering the results of those regulations because the goddam GOP says they're bad.  They go on and on about minimum wages increasing costs while they're at the Federal minimum and pay servers with my goddam gratuities to get them above $2.65 and every damn thing costs as much or more than it does in Oregon with a no exceptions minimum of $8.95.  These people spew salt on every damn roadway and turn them into polluted ice rinks while they sit on country side composed of goddam sand and their cars rot away in a couple years.  The bare black top roads are now greyish white thanks to that.

The media here and nationally can't report the time of day without consulting their corporate masters and have to find a "both sides do it/are responsible theme for every bit of stupidity that politicians manage.  President Obama, the best Republican President since Dwight Eisenhower, is called a socialist with no push back.  Civil liberties and civil rights are kicked to the goddam curb and all anybody can seem to care about is what a woman does with her vagina or if the sexes of a relationship are church approved.  The corporations have taken over a couple of these states and almost nobody gives enough of a damn to even make squeaking noises and you idiots re-elect the Vandals.

OK, I get it.  I'm a damned lunatic because I think getting a fair shake matters and that I'd like to live without getting poisoned and it just isn't important.  I'm tired of the puzzled looks when I complain and suggest that there are other ways to do things.  I'm real tired of giving a damn what happens to people who insist on voting for more of what gets them shit on.  I figure that if you can't learn a goddam lesson then it sure the hell isn't any of my business that your head gets cut off - all I have to do is to try to avoid that axe.

If this POS blog sticks around and gets used it will be for fun stuff and politics be damned.  If you think giving a damn about it matters, go ahead with that but I'm gone and done.  I cannot continue to give a damn and not nearly lose my mind in the face of the abject stupidity.  Yes I've got a kid and grandkids who will be royally screwed by what the idiots are up to; but maybe if it gets bad enough for them they'll start another Revolution - but they sure as hell can forget this generation because it is comfortably stupid and the only hope is to thin the goddam herd and by then I should be safely dead and not have to answer questions about why we let it get like this.  Now if I can just get brain dead enough to go through with this...


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realbtl said...

As a resident of Montana I know how you feel. Oh well, it's scooter weather finally.

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neal0148 said...

Chuck: I really understand your frustrations. My wife and I moved from Mpls/St Paul, Minnesota in 2006, when the lunacy was getting worse (MegaMall, more Stadiums, and Suburban sprawl). It has been some better in Oregon (no Michelle Bachmans at least). I do see what you see, and I have also needed to become somewhat brain dead, since even my own family members (Father and Brothers, cannot include my Mother anymore since she passed) have bought into the Fox media lies. Now, I just sit back an quietly laugh at the Idiocy... like watching a "B" movie. My blood pressure has gone down.

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