Thursday, October 17, 2013

Does Eric Cantor Lie? Bears. Woods. He Wrote This In WaPo.

   When you write an OpEd in the Washington Post it is generally a good idea to remember that people with a couple live brain cells might read it, especially since it's liable to show up in other sources.  Well, Eric Cantor decided he'd write something and now that some of the heat has gone out of the Shutdown Showdown I thought maybe I'd go ahead and work over his "bi-partisan" nonsense.

   The opening paragraph talks about how this has been building up for three years (I'd quibble a bit about the duration) and then tosses this out:
President Obama has led us here by continually thwarting the will of Congress and dismissing its role in our constitutional republic.
   There are a couple problems with this statement.  You'd think a Representative could figure out that the Congress is composed of two Chambers - the House and the Senate.  Eric Cantor's GOP dominated House is not Congress, it is one half of it.  The Senate has thought the House has sucked since the GOP won it.  Maybe Eric would like to point at the Presidential?  You know, since the President has "dissed" the Congress.

President Obama refuses to even sit at the same table as Republicans and work to solve the “debt problem”
   A person could point at the GOP refusal on twenty some occasions since March to meet with the Senate in Conference over the Senate passed Budget... It is passingly odd for one of the architects of refusal to point at someone else and it isn't the President's job to meet with the House to iron out the difference between the House and Senate while it is Eric Cantor's job as House Majority Whip to get the votes for that Conference with the Senate from his Party.  Somebody wasn't doing their job.

     Eric would like to talk about recess appointments, while he manages to ignore blanket blocks by the GOP, hamstringing government in a manner never before practiced.  He talks about waivers to circumvent "No Child Left Behind" while the truth is that they are allowed for exactly the purpose they were granted.  He goes in to some blather about violating the LAW around religious liberty after the Supreme Court certified ACA and work requirements for welfare waivers that allowed the States to actually implement the law within their budgets and economic conditions - exacerbated, I'd say, by the GOP.
Mr. President, let’s sit down and talk. Let’s reach consensus and end the “my way or the highway” attitude once and for all.
   I'm sorry, but when you've taken the Federal Government and the Full Faith and Credit of the USA hostage you really don't get to talk about "my way or the highway," without choking.  Well, or your keyboard exploding...

   Just so we're clear here, this is the number two guy in the GOP House Caucus leadership, he voted against staying out of default.  He is the guy who spent two years sharpening the knife to slip into Boehner's ribs.  The knife got stuck in and now they've got their results and oddly, Boehner is in better position in his Caucus - as though anybody else would want that job now.

   It would be too bad if something nasty happened to Cantor's re-election in Virginia's 7th like a personal responsibility price being exacted.  Don't hold your breath on that one; these people are real big on saying those words right up until they might get involved in it - especially the voters since the pols know better.



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Joyce Reynolds-Ward said...

Glad to see you're back, Chuck. Blue Oregon doesn't do links any more, alas, and my time has gotten crazy weird. But I'll be checking back in again!