Saturday, December 01, 2012

GOP And Taxes

Just to get people to think about just how damn difficult this tax and budget business is going to get, I'd like to propose this:
Getting the GOP to agree to tax increases on the rich and not gutting social security and medicaid/medicare is like trying to get a Fundamentalist Christian to acknowledge Evolution or one of you to become an entirely different religion.

You are not dealing with facts and numbers here, you're dealing with a religion.  You can't go so far as to call it an ideology because of the faith backed nature of it.  Listen up, the Earth was not created six thousand years ago and supply side economics does not work.  Neither of them works because they ignore reality and facts in favor of faith.  Now why in the hell supply side has become a religion is way beyond me, but then Creationism is also.  Now I suppose that since there have been a couple books around for thousands of years that talked about the Garden there is some damned excuse for Creationism still being around, but for Cripes Sake this supply side nonsense only has St Ronnie, not God on its side.

None of that matters because it still is a religion and pushing the GOPers out of it is going to take a hell of a lot more than being nice to them.  What it is going to take is a choice between damnation and survival - most of them are way too big of cowards to chose martyrdom.  Now, you figure out what that is going to take.  Mr President and fellow Dems?

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