Monday, March 05, 2012

Who Apologizes?

There has been a lot of talk about the Non-Apology - the one about "two words." Other than the fact that it took a lot more than two words to demand sex tapes, to make references to frequency of sex, and to lie completely about Ms Fluke referring to her sex life at all, you might take it as complete horse manure, anyhow. But...

Since we seem to be talking about apologies, I'd like to remind everybody just exactly who it is that does the apologizing when it comes to Rush, and it ain't Rush. If you've got memory cells in operation, some anyhow, it will be stuck in there somewhere that it is Republicans who apologize to Rush. Repeatedly. Just in case you were wondering what the GOP is all about...

Update Edit:
A couple things occurred to me, one of which is that thinking Rush is going away soon is, well, an error. This won't have hurt him with his audience and radio advertising is a competitive advertising method. There will be those who will measure loss against gain by talking to that audience, but the audience will be there, anyhow.

This isn't about the audience at all. Forget the audience - they agree. Mitt Romney "wouldn't have chosen those words," is potent with people who haven't gone crazy and have daughters, wives, girlfriends, hell - in general see women as something other than chattel. Make it clear, Mitt agrees but he just doesn't like the "words." Mitt agrees she's a slut, just another word would be better. Mitt agrees she should make sex tapes for Rush and his ilk. Mitt agrees that Ms Fluke was all up in Congress' face about her sex life. That would make Mittens a softer spoken Rush... So somebody will ask Mitt about this?

These people (GOPers/candidates) and their apologists are pigs (sorry porcine mammals). No pissed off father is going to get up and slap Mittens silly but keep in mind that he just did "I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message."


Carl Fisher said...

I think perhaps anti-Rush folks ought to take a step back and calm down. I'm no fan of his, but you don't see me giving him any attention about his comments...with the exception of this post.

Radio infotainers say things to get responses like this. The lefts response to all this is simply fueling him and his advertisers so he can keep on saying whatever he wants.

Chuck Butcher said...

Carl I doubt that any of this will garner Rush any more audience. It is actually helpful to hang this guy around the neck of the GOP. The GOP has long deserved this and frankly the American public needs to know what that Party is and who it is.
It might be better for all concerned if Rush lost his podium but I don't care a bit. Not one of those listeners is going to vote in any direction I care about. I want the GOP thoroughly tarred with his brush because that is who they are minus some of the bombast.

Pol said...

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