Friday, March 02, 2012

Rush Goes Where The GOP Is

It has been kind of funny to watch GOPers tripping over nasty impediments like the truth to get some distance from good ole boy Rush Limbaugh. The GOP has made not a single statement regarding male erection drugs and freedom of religion. This in the face of a hell of a lot of religious doctrine regarding adultery where there seems to be no requirements that those "ED" drugs be dispensed to only married faithful men. You might even get to an WTF sort of moment where there's no heterosexual requirement...

They really do mean "sluts" and yes, Rep "Bo(eh)ner" it really is about a War On Women. The "Ultrasound Bills" are part and parcel with that attitude. C'mon, what mentally capable woman has some kind of doubt what an abortion is about removing? There really exists some doubt as to whether a woman knows an abortion involves a baby and that baby means child? She's a slut and must be shamed.

What the GOPers are objecting to right now is that Rush has said exactly what they mean and getting people upset by the saying of it. Beat them and their fellow travelers over the head with this - repeatedly and forcefully.

Have I mentioned that "oh there's a middle way liberals" make me want to puke?


SEB said...

Boy, you sure got that right!

Jess said...

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