Friday, March 02, 2012

WaPo Both Sides Do It, cough, gag, choke

You'd have to read this entire piece of junk by the WaPo Editorial Board to understand how far that paper has fallen.
Incivility is not a one-way street in America. Far from it: Mr. Limbaugh’s left-wing equivalents have trashed any number of conservatives over the years. Conservatives have a point when they protest that the “mainstream media” don’t always heed their legitimate grievances.

No shit, they actually published something containing this line. Drowning these idiots in their own sea of mediocrity and false equivalence would be doing the journalist world a giant favor. They can't go bust too quickly for me.

Do me a favor and don't add to their clicks, find abstracts elsewhere.
BalloonJuice will do.

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