Sunday, December 13, 2009

Republican Foreign Policy Spite Serves Whom?

Six months ago the Honduran military arrested the President, Manuel "Mel" Zelaya, and sent him out of the country in a sort of coup. Since that time the new government, unrecognized and ostracized by the Obama Administration, has courted Republicans. GOP Congressmen have traveled to Honduras to show solidarity with the coup and stick their fingers in the Obama eye.

It might have paid them to pay attention to exactly what kind of people they were climbing into bed with. Per McCalatchy, this kind of people:
As Zelaya approaches his sixth month of banishment, human-rights organizations here and abroad say Honduras has experienced a serious deterioration of civil rights in a country where death squads and extrajudicial killings already were commonplace.

Resistance members say they have been subjected to a campaign by police, the military and paramilitaries to execute their leaders and members. Human-rights activists have documented the deaths of 26 members who have been stabbed or shot across the country.

Activists say more than 3,000 people have been illegally detained, 450 beaten, and 114 now are political prisoners since the June coup.

Sen Jim DeMint is the kind of guy it isn't too surprising to see in this sort of company. The words ethics and politics don't get too close to each other in this guy's world. If you wonder what kind of USA he's thinking of, looking at who he supports might be instructive.


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Zak Johnson said...

I think the Honduran congress & supreme court actually had a point--unlike the U.S., when their president decided to violate the Constitution, they impeached his ass. Where they went wrong was banishing him, which is a violation of international law. Until that point, what they did was legal and even prudent.