Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Imagine Saying This With A Functioning Brain

Kevin Madden was the Mittster's pimp during the GOP Presidential Primaries and afterwards. I'm not sure if contact with the ultimate position flipper causes neural congestion or something but here you go.

Now put yourself with a functioning brain in this position. You are going to tell Americans that since Obama didn't have a rubble pile to climb on and he vacationed in Hawaii, a foreign place, as opposed to the manly state of Tex-ass (you know, where men are men and sheep are nervous) that he's ... I don't know ... a pussy.

A fake ranch (I live where there are real ones) and some brush clearing seem to be ... defining ... of something. I don't know, a guy who chokes on pretzels and parades in a flight suit is ever so manly versus a guy who shoots 3 pointers in a pretty physical unpadded game. I give up, people will pay attention to this and buy it - along with the rest of the diaper wetters stupidity.

But seriously - for a moment, in the face of this - think about what it takes for someone of even average intelligence to be stuck with these kinds of lines as something other than a comedy routine. What self-regard could you have? I'm not going for the silly about fire dangers of neurons struggling with such, I do mean honestly - what would you think about while doing such a thing? I know it's asking a lot of my readers since they've shown no signs of doing such, but really. I'm lost on this one and it isn't as though Madden is the only GOP shill playing at it. I won't bring up Darth Cheney because his disconnects are legendary.

(it seems I didn't quit after yesterday...)

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