Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Confederate Party of Republicanism Believes ... What?

I have a pretty strong handle on what I believe and what I think. I have been known to oppose some things pretty vehemently and to propose things. I am a member of the Democratic Party and I have a pretty general idea of what binds us together. Then there is the CPoR.

It is apparent what they oppose - The Democrat Party. It would be fair to say I oppose that bunch, but I can't seem to find any ideas to oppose, just a mindless CPoR hate fest. (in the Congress of the US they can't even manage the correct name) (they can't maintain decorum -You Lie Wilson, Health Reform Debate)

If you're going to call something an idea or a policy it must have some sort of internal logic and that is just flat missing. One of the latest themes is that the CPoR is The Party of Fiscal Responsibility. They wish to be forgiven their behavior under GWB because ... well, he's damn unpopular and they lost - an aberration. Well, OK - in the spirit of collegiality let's give them that. They assert that the Democratic plans will explode the deficit (true or not) and should be opposed. The same people, exactly the same people, scream that Obama should just send a gadzillion more troops to Afghanistan as though that were free or something. They don't say anything about paying for it, Obama is simply a ditherer.

Out of some stupid sense of fairness let's forget their adamant opposition to Medicare and attempts to kill it. They scream that policies to remove the "Donut Hole" and strip out fraud and waste are efforts to "kill Granny." No, that's not just an astro-turfing website, it goes on in Congressional speeches. They hate Medicare because it's wasteful and such and yet it is untouchable. It is socialized medicine but the Demonrats will kill granny.

If the CPoR is confronted about the Iraq War their first response is that the intelligence was faulty which would indicate that the decision process was flawed by using bad information but Obama is dithering. If he stops to figure out what is best that is dithering but massive screw-ups are the fault of some amorphous 'them' intelligence guys.

The first policy refuge the CPoR goes to is tax cuts, all the while they screech about fiscal conservatism. They would have you believe that less tax revenue equals more tax revenue even in the face of all evidence that it isn't so - including CPoR tax increases by the same crowd to repair the hole.

The CPoR is the Big Tent Party all the while cutting the throat of their own (R) member's throat in a political campaign. The BTP is the one that holds a rally/press conference on the Capital steps and can't see the proud signs bearing hate messages. The signs everyone else could see. The House Minority Leader "didn't see any offensive signs." It isn't as though the stage lights were in his eyes and he couldn't see past the front row.

The CPoR has presented itself over the years as the Party of Adults, apparently in contrast to the dirty hippies of the 60s. Now I don't want to be gratuitously mean, but the film of the August town halls and the teabaggery rallies isn't a model most would have their children emulate in the grocery store. Now it would be unfair to tar a Party, even the PoA, with the brush of a loon fringe element - it would be if that Party wasn't egging them on in speeches and even inviting them to harass Congress in its halls. It also would seem a bit Adult to know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence or to possibly get the Pledge of Allegiance right when you're ranting about keeping the 1950s addition to it.

The late history of the Republican Party had it as the Party of Business. It would seem to still be true if you call Wall Street and HealthInc business. As individual donors to the CPoR that would be true but it isn't in terms of jobs and taxes. Business is being ruined by health care costs and tight credit.

The CPoR can't get its act in order in regard to governmental interference in public life. If it has to do with gayness, reproduction, or pretty much anything to do Civil Liberties beyond the Second Amendment they want to interfere. If it is health care they propose the the interference of a faceless for profit bureaucrat is preferable - despite outcomes. This part, of course, is called Free Market. The really big problem there is that other than voting for advantages for some particular interest or client they cannot show ever supporting the idea. That it has never existed in the US or anywhere else is only a quibble.

The one idea that I can seem to find is that they are The Real Americans. From the signs and rhetoric it is evident that the real ones are white Christian heterosexual war mongers. The unfortunate truth for them as a national political party is that they are right about being the CPoR. I have no idea where Republicans who aren't CPoR are supposed to go, honestly, Democrats have enough problems without them.

*** If you can think of anything they actually do believe in comments is open ***

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