Friday, November 06, 2009

Confederate Party of Republicanism Resurgence

Rep James Clyburn (D-SC) was asked today how the votes were coming on the House version of Health Care Reform. He said things were working out well, and when asked if there had been any changes in the situation he responded, "Well, we picked up two votes today." Those two votes would be the result of the Resurgence of the CPoR in the Nov elections. You may note that the Governors of NJ & VA were not consulted. Yes in that South Rises Again theme of the CPoR a problem arises, in Federal Offices the (D) outfit is 2 for 2 and the CPoR is 0 for 2 including a should have been a gimme.

I don't like losing Governorships to the CPoR but there is also an issue of not just any Democrat will do with voters. The lesson should be clear, if you want those Obama voters to come to the polls, especially in an off year election, you had better give them reasons to do so. I'm not talking ideological purity here, but if you don't recognize that those people came out for reasons you're going to miss them.

The residents of those states will get to decide if those were good votes, but in the Congress there are two votes that are both declared for the House Health Care Reform Bill.

(sounds like Sherman got the last laugh again)

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