Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Policy Statement

These items will be more fully addressed in separate Articles

> Civil Liberties are not subject to the government's convenience
> The Rule of Law applies to all Americans equally, the President is not exempt
> Taxation Policies should support expenditures and be based on the benefit derived from the financial/economic system
> The bottom of the economic ladder must be addressed, the level of poverty and marginal income in this country is atrocious
> Iraq Policy is a disaster, a change in direction is required
> Veterans programs must be fully and adequately funded. No one has given more than
> Transparent and secure elections are fundamental to participatory democracy
> Environmental decisions must be made and they should be based on science with consideration of economic and social benefits, the status quo of angry stalemates is not acceptable
> Rural issues must be addressed regardless of voting power, it comprises a vast majority of the American landscape and is essential to our economic and social well-being
> Federal rules regarding educational programs must be fully funded.
> An independent and varied media is essential to our form of government, the current constriction of ownership is unhealthy
> Illegal hiring depresses wages and distorts business competition , employers must be heavily sanctioned for this activity.
> American Grown Label should go forward and mean what it says, American Beef is born here, raised here, and killed here, no nonsense about across borders life, period.

This will be expanded as time allows


idholen said...

Letter to Editor (Mailtribune)
Representative Greg Walden recently voted in favor of the Barton-Rush Bill (HR-5252), or COPE Act of 2006 to destroy network neutrality. If approved by both Chambers, it will permit large communications companies, such as QWEST and AOL, to start charging users for sending email and displaying webpages on the internet, and permit cable TV companies, such as Charter, to stop contracting with local governments for Public Access TV channels.

Over 600,000 citizens have signed petitions at and urging our Senators and Congressmen to prevent this giveaway of the public channels and internet to private corporations. Over 500 organizations are signers, including Common Cause, American Library Assn., Consumers Union, Gun Owners of America, and AFL-CIO.

Amendments defending network neutrality were voted down by the House Republicans, but are still pending in the Senate. If Representative Walden gets his way, free public TV and internet will be memories only.

Ivend Holen
Medford, OR

Chuck Butcher said...

Big money whispers and waldenbush hears loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

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