Friday, May 19, 2006

A New Role

There's been a slight change in the Title of this Blog and it's taken on a new role. There are things I want to see happen or quit happening and this where I'm going with this, so first up, waldenbush needs to go and Carol Voisin is taking a shot at it. I'm all the way in her corner on this one, and so should you be.

This is going to be about something other than raising money, money is important but it's a losing proposition to start thinking money will win against waldenbush. He'll have $1,000,000 to spend and he'll do it. So, help with money, but set your sights on the real goal, reaching the voters.

Speaking of voters, what voters? 30% turnout? The 2nd CD Primary candidates gave the voters a wide choice of the Democratic spectrum and candidates who did not look the same or sound the same. Candidates who managed a civil friendly campaign. 15 minutes and a $0.39 stamp to participate was too much to expect. This has got to change. This is our fault, us being the politically active. We've let this build up over the years, we've let a sense of fatality creep into our politics.

We've tolerated a run to the middle, we've tolerated the people not contributing, we've tolerated a whole lot that's intolerable. It's time to stop tolerating.

I say this is something we can do, we can raise politics out of the "so what?" dumps. It's going to take work and some money, but we cannot continue like this. I'm pressing my County Party to raise its profile, to show that we're here. We'll do that and then we'll do some more things. This is going to take a lot of person to person contact. When your friends say, "My vote doesn't count" or brag that they're "Independent" have arguments ready, good arguments. This country will go into the toilet if we continue on. I like Carol and I congratulate her, but let's look at some numbers, she won by a wide margin, but her 17K votes put her at winning the vote of about 13% of the registered Democrats, we need to have elections that are not that minority ruled. How an 80% vote would have affected her vote margin is immaterial, we need candidates who have the backing of a significant portion of the voters to have legitimacy to govern.

Next time you get ready to complain about the state of affairs, stop and ask yourself what have I done.


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