Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Election Day is Over

Well, it's 12:30 AM 5/17/2006 and my share of the vote has climbed to 11%, I'd say that's sufficiently bad enough to say, "Goodnight Gracie." I had no particular expectations about the outcome, but I sure hadn't foreseen a number that bad. Well, the voters (the few that bothered) have had their say and I'll surely go along with them. Carol Voisin seems a sure winner, by a large margin and she's a smart, thoughtful, nice woman that I like quite a bit. She, like any one of us, will have her work cut out for her, I sure hope the folks who've taken an interest in my little endeavor will help her out, I intend to.

Now it's a good time to express my heartfelt thanks to all those who've helped me out, with money, time, enthusiasm, and some votes. I'm horribly disappointed by the turnout, this was the Democrats opportunity to pick the direction of their Party and a whole bunch of them couldn't be bothered enough to take a few minutes fill out a simple form and spend $0.39 to take charge. Something needs to be done about that.

Thanks very much,


KevinHayden said...

Hold your head high, Chuck. 11% is not a bad showing at all, the first time out. And getting The Source endorsement demonstrates you were a credible candidate throughout.

A four way race had more to do with your 11% than anything else. I don't believe an Ashland teacher stands a chance at taking down Walden. I hope you try again, get an independent manager, and give 'em hell next time.

Torrid said...

you were a much needed part of the race, Chuck. I too was a little shocked to see Scott finish ahead of you (I confess that I did see Carol and Dan going 1-2), but the turnout doesn't surprise me too much given the total slate of races. It's low, but we've seen lower.

Best of luck to you, and don't be discouraged. You made a difference just by stepping up for Eastern Oregon and 2nd District Democrats. A tip o' the morning coffee mug to ya!

Jeff Alworth said...

Chuck, just to weigh in with the others...I think this was a weird year in politics. I can't ever remember things being this bad. No one showed up, no one seemed to muster energy even though they KNEW it was an important election.

I thought you ran a fine campaign, and I'm happy you threw your hat in the ring. Thanks!

verasoie said...

Thanks for your courage, Chuck, we needed you out there and will continue to need good people like yourself. Stick with it, and we'll stick it to them!

Chuck Butcher said...

Still stickin' to it.

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