Friday, November 13, 2009

Republicans Scared Of Trials - Surprise! Update, Mewling Puking Cowards

Sen Kit Bond (R-MO) finds it inappropriate, in fact a disaster for the Federal government to try Khalid Sheikh Mohamad in a NYC court. This on the basis that Mohamad will have the protections of law, in Bond's words - the rights - of criminal defendants. He sees it as an insult to the memories of the victims to try him within blocks of the sites and to give him the opportunity to propagandize Americans. He thinks it is the first time "war captured individuals" have been given such and opportunity. This from an interview with Andrea Mitchell this morning.

Maybe it's the (R) after Bond's name, but Senators are sworn to uphold the Constitution of the US, whether it seems convenient or not. Let's start somewhere near the beginning of this sort of story, if Mohamad is brought to public trial it doesn't matter where the trial is, he gets to have his say and that would be in front of Americans - propagandizing them. If he is proposing a secret trial, he must have another legal system in mind - a rather authoritarian one. There also seems to be an assumption that Mohamad would persuade Americans with propaganda. I'm not too sure where that comes from, it would seem reasonable to me that those who would agree would agree anyhow - considering the accusations.

As for the insult part, I'm not sure how that works other than in his fevered partisan imagination. The victims of crimes are ordinarily offered the opportunity to, at the very least, observe if not participate. The insult occurred on September 11, and seemingly once again when Bond's type assume Americans can't handle trials. The entire point of a trial is to prove that the party is guilty of the accusations and that the government had the right and correctly proceeded against them. That last part is the absolute kicker - the most powerful entity in our nation is shown to have behaved correctly. Bond seems to be of that authoritarian frame of mind that the government is always right - despite membership in the Party of NO.

As more (R) folks pile onto this mess of their making it seems to me that the issue has nothing to do with the security of the nation and everything to do with stirring up the base. One of the most powerful vehicles this nation has in opposition to fear, hatred, and bigotry is our ability to take governmental action in the open and to proceed fairly. Perhaps, they'd prefer the option of fear, hatred, and bigotry.

That'd be real surprise...


In a real surprising development there are additions to the crybaby Bond. Pant stain additions,
McCain, Sessions, Kyl, hold your breath if you think this is the end of the Republican pants wetters. Mewling puking cowards like this give aid and comfort - crap you know the line.

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