Friday, November 13, 2009


Because the last thing I'd do would be to subscribe to a blog run by idiots of the particularly partisan stripe; I have to bring this to you courtesy of John Cole at Balloon Juice. I don't like to poach wholesale from sites, but this is too ... something:
Today Barack Obama is going to announce that the terrorist mastermind of September 11th, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, will be sent to New York City for a criminal trial in a civilian court.

In that trial, the terrorist will get all the rights afforded an American citizen in a criminal trial, including the right to a fair trial, the right to a taxpayer funded attorney, the right to review all the evidence against him, potentially including classified intelligence matters, the right to exclude evidence against him including, potentially, any confession obtained through enhanced interrogation techniques, etc.

At best, this will be a show trial fit not for the American Republic, but a third world kleptocratic totalitarian regime. At worse, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will gain access to classified material he can then leak to other terrorists while New York yet again becomes a target for terrorists. We have already had occasions in this country where terrorists’ sympathetic lawyers have conveyed information, orders, and plans to other terrorists.

You can find more details here.

Call your Congressman and Senator right now. Tell them they should use every tool at their disposal to block this. The number to call is 202-224-3121.

Sincerely yours,

Erick Erickson

Now I'm confused about the rights provided defendants in US Courts resulting in "At best, this will be a show trial fit not for the American Republic, but a third world kleptocratic totalitarian regime." So if you have the misfortune to find yourself in a US Court you will be engaging in a show trial? If you didn't get those rights wouldn't that qualify as a show trial as practiced by regimes we're actually familiar with?

I'm not sure how stupid the Editor at Red State is, but,"Mohammed will gain access to classified," couldn't be a much more ridiculous statement. The SCOTUS ruled on the government's right to control classified information and set the bar really low, allowing, in fact, information already public to be with-held. The government will use experienced and well qualified prosecutors in this case - they do need to win - so the idea that they'd be as ignorant and inept as Erick is pretty ludicrous.

If Republican Senators weren't already piling on with the same level of "intelligence" as this post I'd just ignore it as one more example of right wing bed-wetting. Consider this, Republican federally elected officials are taking their talking points from a third rate intellectually challenged red meat partisan outfit. These idiots want to pretend that they're qualified to be a part of the leadership of the United States of America?

I understand partisan politics, I have positions within the Democratic Party of Oregon, so the chances are that I engage in some. If I were stupid enough to get blind drunk and then further stupid enough to shoot off my mouth; I would not assail one of the foundations of our form government. I cannot understand how people continue to buy the tough guy hard talk from this bunch as they wet their pants at every possible opportunity. Are there kindergartners they're not afraid of? They keep waving their stained drawers in front of the American public as though there is some advantage in it.

Color me flabbergasted...

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