Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Well Shitt Mitt

All Multiple Mitt had to do was take the R-money Tour across some water, keep its mouth shut, and look pretty shaking hands.  That was all R-money had to do (in regard to our money... well read Bain history).  It is true that those Brits are all tight-laced and slow to take offense ... or maybe not ... and Mitt's understanding of our common Anglo-Saxon thingies might be a bit lacking and well... oops.

Look, maybe Mitt should be a bit nonplussed that those Brits were so easily offended - though they did let him slide on the matter of Winnie's bust still being happily ensconced in the White House rather than sulking in England - but nobody has accused those Middle Easterners of being, well, understated.  These people fling rocks, bullets, rockets, bombs at the least offense so a bit of caution is always well-played.  Except from some really privileged silver spoon in the butt pander boy.  There is more than one Party in Israel and they tend to swap around leadership so playing nice with both is a good idea unless you're pandering to, oh say Bibi.  Since the Palestinians don't have any money and everybody knows about Jews and all their money it would be just fine to insult the Palestinian culture as the cause of their poverty in comparison to Israelis - no donors there.  Since the US has wound down one war in the area and working on it with the other, it may be time to start another one - you know, assure Israel that if they'd like to start one with Iran we'd be happy to tag along.  The place is one giant pool of gasoline and this putz is playing with matches...  I'm real sure the Teabaggery crowd is going to be pretty pleased to hear R-money's love song to the Israeli Socialized Medicine scheme. Sometimes it's just so hard to pander to two at the same time. It is probably a good thing those dead retroactive Mormon Jews couldn't complain. I'm not sure, is retroactive a Mitt thing or a Mormon thing? Maybe both?

I guess we'll see how Poland plays out, he can probably manage to avoid jokes about lightbulbs, but maybe he'll 'retroactivate' The Soviet Union, again. Maybe he'll make it a point to insult Unions... that'd work well. Lessee now, Teabaggers and Unions versus Pollock Unions... how to pander to two?

Do you suppose he can just pull a Bain CEO and retroactively stay home?

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