Monday, July 16, 2012

Return Of Etch-A-Sketch

First off let me apologize for a month's absence, and then acting as though I count. Family matters meant a Harley ride to N MI from NE OR and back - 5K miles and time.

There was a bit of a huff when a R-money staffer admitted that they'd re-write the Primary and erase all that rightwing nuttery for the General Election. We were just kidding... well they're not talking about it much. Now that kid's toy is back with some new phrasing - "retroactive retirement." Yes, Mittens turned the SEC upside-down and shook away being CEO, President, etc of Bain after 1999 by retiring after the fact - a couple years after. I'm not sure how it works that in 2000 I signed a document saying I was boss and in 2002 I made that go away by saying, I don't know, "hey presto?" In 2000 it was a fact attested to by a signature and in 2002 it magically went away by signing something else?

The etch a sketch approach means that anything convenient at the time is magically disappeared when it isn't convenient - retroactively. Can he retroactively un-drop a bomb? Can he retroactively abort a rapist's fetus (that would then be a child)? We know the Mormons retroactively mormonize people who might not like it if they had a say... Maybe this Mormon thing needs a bit more thinking about, does this mean that next election my vote can be retroactively GOPed? Facts seem to be pretty mutable if you're a Mittens (GOPer). They'll be pretty sure that (D) mark wasn't what I meant to do or that my birthplace at a major US University really was on foreign ground (liberal?).

I suppose that the question is going to be, "does it matter to the voters?"

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