Thursday, August 04, 2011

Oh No, I've Had A Relapse Into Politics

Damn blast it, I've had a slip and paid attention to politics. I could feel it coming, shoot, saw it well before the collision. In point of actual fact, I picked up the remote and pushed the button that brings up the channel menu and chose ... holy cow ... Rachael Maddow. Sure, I think she's a sweetie, but it wasn't for her personality - it was the damn politics that I went for. My blasted drug sucked me back in and what did I get for my trouble? Things like the FAA shut down.

Should I really re-think my decision to get the hell out of that addiction on the basis of politics that shut down an agency like the FAA and cost $200M/wk put 70,000 people out of work and involves things like ... for pete's sakes ... going through the skies at hundreds of miles an hour in a metal tube and putting it on the ground at 3 or more times the speed limit in any state?

The hell with that noise; and it is noise - there is no crisis of any magnitude beyond the GOPers desire to break unions.

Oh hell, there is other stuff on the show that is about as stupid but if I think about it too much there'll be no going back so the menu got pointed at the Sirius Network's BB King's Bluesville and clicked. Jimmy Burns is now bopping my night and making way more sense singing about a "train" he'd like to "ride." Euphemistic sex beats political jabber and I'm back on the road to recovery. (for now)


joycemocha said...

Dude, if you haven't gotten around to reading Hunter Thompson's Better Than Sex, I suggest you immediately do so. HST nails the political addiction hard. And, fortunately, every time I start feeling the draw, I pick it up again and skim through it.

Politics is worse than heroin for the need for the quick jones.

(and yeah, I said I'm done. So why the hell am I my union local's vice president this year?!)

Chuck Butcher said...

I have no such excuse...

The Old Lady said...

I am hooked on Politics and the Detroit Tigers and they both drive me crazy so guess I will settle for crazy!

Chuck Butcher said...

I don't mind crazy so much, but I do mind it to no effect other than crazy.

realbtl said...

One day at a time Chuck. Recovery is not linear, relapses will happen but you know this. Barney