Monday, August 01, 2011

Now That I Know What It Means To Be A Democrat

As I stated previously I was quite willing to hold fire about bills regarding debt ceiling bills, I have done so. I now know what it is that defines Democrats at the national level with control of the Senate and the Presidency. Knowing that, I'll say what it is, it is the slower path to GOPer wingnuttery. It is a matter of getting to today's version of TeaParty stupidity and plutocratic agenda in a decade rather than a couple years.

I'll be blunt - I'll not be a party to such horseshit, I'll let those who love excuses and cowardice take the reins, or load, or act as though they give a good goddam. I simply cannot continue to divide my thinking between what works and is right and what isn't "as bad as." You like "not as bad as" you can help yourself to as much as you please.

I've had a (D) behind my name since 1971 and I was of that persuasion from time of Kennedy and Nixon, well previous to being able to register anything. I've watched what happened to the "Democratic Brand" for all those decades and I've done what I could to affect the direction of drift - including being willing to try for the US House so things could be said. I'm stubborn about such things and I've been stubborn for a damn long time in the face of all evidence.

The so-called middle has won the day, it has made itself clear that GOPerism is the way. I'll let that go if not actively help it happen. By rights I ought to be a part of advancing the GOPer way and get done so people can see what it means. But what I can't do is be an active part to harming my fellow citizens so I'll just let it go. I don't know if I'll even bother to vote, that's well up in the air, but I do know that if the public wants what the GOPers offer, they ought to have it and get to live with it. That certainly means that I'll have to struggle a lot harder to support the Plutocrats in the manner they desire and have a lot less left for me and mine. What I can do is join the great unwashed ignorant masses in not giving a damn and ignore and be unaffected by the scoffing middle-way Democrats in their self-satisfied "not as bad as" theme.

This blog thing has become immaterial and irrelevant. Maybe I'll post pictures or
stuff but look elsewhere for politics because I simply can no longer stand to give a damn. My affiliation with the Democratic Party is at an end, I probably won't even bother to change the registration seeing it as further exercise in pointlessness.

I'd like to thank the political readers I've had, take care and do whatever seems right to you.

Good night and good-bye.


FreeRepublik said...

Hey, I understand what you're saying. Obama won the election because he stood up for something and because he energized the people who otherwise think elections don't matter. By giving Republicans everything they want, Obama has proved his to his voters that they were wrong about giving a damn.

I don't know if I fully agree with you, though, considering just how bad it was to be governed during the Bush years by people who treat ignorance as a virtue.

Chuck Butcher said...

I'm firmly convinced that we'll get there either way, more slowly with the (D) than the GOPers. So what?

Thus, so what about any of it.

We just got governed by the stupid and ignorant and that's different from what?

Anne Laurie said...

I fully understand your feelings, Mr. Butcher. Well, we still have our personal circles, friends & family, books, pets, and gardens (soon to be more important than ever, if our Galtian overlords continue to wreak havoc!). Hope that you will continue to send up the occasional virtual flare to let your online well-wishers know how things are going for you... -- Best wishes, Anne Laurie

Ruckus said...

I get your point. I even agree that no matter how you dress it up, a shit sandwich still ends up tasting like shit.


The devil is in the details. What's really in the bill?
What did we really give up?
How else do you deal with idiots except bait and switch. The conservatards have the attention span of a 4 yr old. Sure they think they won. But did they?

We need everyone we can get. Not because all of us are good, correct or even much less of idiots than the other side. We need all the help because this is as good as it gets. We don't need just anyone with a D behind their name, we've got those. We need real Dems. Find your own quite, dark place, get away from the madness for a while, but please don't forget who you are and why you've done the public stuff you've done. Not everyone has to play in the public light, there is plenty to do even if it is just voting.

Thanks for listening, I hope that I'm not too far out of line.

Chuck Butcher said...

Nobody is out of line here and opinions are just like ... you know the rest.

I like for thoughtful people to have a say, agree or not. I also appreciate the kind thoughts.

I know there will be political friends who will be disappointed, they'll get over it because their plates are going to be really full.

Thoughtful Black Co-Citizen said...

Man, I hope you keep posting about SOMETHING. You do know your way around the English language. Plus, I like to look at your motorcycles and drool.

realbtl said...

Chuck- I caught your responses over at BJ and just wanted to say that, although I'll miss your opinions, I'm at about the same point as you. I used to read 20 or so political blogs, fax my senators and reps, work for the campaigns, etc. I'm now down to BJ and the occasional fax. It's just too much bullshit. I had hopes for Rehberg as he voted no on the Ryan budget but I see he joined the radicals on this one. Tester and Baukus are about all that can be expected for MT. It seems that if one is even somewhat to the left the only way to get meaningful representation is to move to a liberal state/district and even then, what does it get you?

I'll continue to check in for ride updates etc and if I'm ever in your neck of the woods, or plains I guess, the coffee is on me.

Paul in KY said...

Sorry you feel that way, Chuck. Can understand your frustration. Hope to read a comment or two from you some time at Balloon Juice.

Suzan said...

I certainly understand your frustration, and feel the same way myself most of the time.

I'm now behind the effort to start a new "democratic" party (the Oct. 3 group) where we explain who progressives and liberals really are and how our country's politics have devolved to where we are today and what money was behind it.

It will take more than one election undoubtedly, but it seems worthwhile in the long run, especially if you have children.

I've enjoyed reading your essays. Don't stop writing! Maybe it's time for that grand opus now?


Ruckus said...

Your disgust seems to be contagious. BJ is getting to be not worth the effort to read. I'm about 10 minutes away from taking a vacation for a few days till the smoke clears.

Chuck Butcher said...

I'll continue to write something here, though with what frequency I can't say. I like writing and I like to get people to think or be amused.

It is always possible to get in touch with me, the side bar has my email spelled out and I'd be happy to visit with anybody I've met here - or BJ.

Just by habit I tuned in MSNBC this evening, about 10 minutes later I turned it off. I don't want to know about Somalia or, frankly, anything because then I'll have an opinion and a course in mind that involves ... dammit, politics.

That isn't consistent with becoming one with the great unwashed ignoramouses. I will be consistent.

Dilan said...

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