Monday, September 25, 2006

Christian Terrorist

I like to watch Bill Mahr, sometimes laughing about this stuff is a real alternative to crying. This episode had Sandy Rios as one of his "panelists." I felt like a mouse staring at a cobra.

Sandy Rios, for those who didn't see this, is a self-described Christian. Conservative Christian. Maybe it was Christian Conservative. Christian seemed real important to her, anyhow. Now I make no such claims, but I am quite informed, educated even, about Christianity. There is a part of Christianity that I am quite impressed by, that is the direct quotes of Jesus Christ. As I listened to Sandy defend the Bush administration my memory kept looking at those quotes. It seems that according to her interpretation of Christianity, there's no problem with killing people and torture is all right as long as it's called coercion. She seemed to be right at home with Revelations, that's odd, to me. That book is the most post-Christ one in the Bible, it was included after some real debate, and to the idle reader seems more like the ravings of a hallucinigen ingensting loon than serious Scripture. It seemed noteworthy to her that "Christ would return as a warrior." Funny idea for the guy who advocated "turning the other cheek."

Now the part of this that I take quite seriously is that these people are the same ones who denigrate Islam as a violent religion. Now I'm not non-violent and I also don't claim to be a Christian or a Muslim; nor in fact any "-ism or -ian or -ist," but I'd like it explained to me exactly what the difference is between the terrorists and these people. The terrorists kill innocent people to make a political gain, seems to me the Bushites are doing that, the terrorists torture people, um McCain, et al, just said that's ok to George II, the terrorists aren't bound by the rule of law - ummm...

Other than the fact that she didn't have a bag over her head, I can not see the difference between Sandy Rios and those scumbag terrorists. The same holds true for this Administration, all they lack is the "-al-" in their names, oh maybe there are some alcohol or drug differences...

This might sound pretty cold hearted, we've lost quite a few lives in defence of our freedom, the 3000 lost in September 2001 pales in comparison, and for that paltry number we're losing our freedom and our integrity. Let's get very real about this, 3000 died on that one day, over 20,000 died in one day at Antitem, maybe that one's a bit ancient, how about D-Day? If the fact that they were soldiers bothers you in that equation, how about the toll we exacted in Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki... God and Country is not an excuse to act any damn way you want to, it's supposed to mean something. I'm not going to tell you about God, my hot line has static, but Country doesn't mean "the dirt" it means the intangibles that direct our actions, the outcomes of having a Declaration of Independence, a Constitution, and a Bill of Rights.

So here we are, the Christian terrorists are robbing us of our freedom, they spread fear and loathing through lies and deceits, they kill wantonly and indeterminately detain and torture those who fall into their bloodsoaked hands. Have a nice day :)

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