Friday, September 22, 2006

The 9/11 Card - Again - Stupidity Redux

September 11, planes crashed into buildings and a field and three thousand died, a genuine tragedy occurred. It was followed almost immediately by another one, the abject stupidity of a nation. The freest nation on earth began to cede its heritage, purchased with blood and treasure to liars. "Wait a minute, Iraq happened later..." Nope that's not the lie. The lie was much larger and with broader and more enduring consequences. Are you guessing yet? Ok

The lie goes like this, we need broader police powers to keep you safe from terrorists. You're entirely too gullible. The carnage and property damage on US roads each year exceeds 9/11. Your fear is based on image and perception, not fact. That's only the beginning of the lie. It goes much deeper. Prior to the call for broad powers 9/11 happened, prior to 9/11 standard police powers were what was available, prior to 9/11 those standard investigative procedures had uncovered enough information to roll up the conspiracy. That's not guess work or conspiracy theory, it's fact. Still, 9/11 happened.

Here's where the President's logic get really tortured, the failure to stop 9/11 was entirely the fault of the Federal Government's police and intelligence agencies. It was not a failure of law, it was the failure of turf cutting bureaucracies and executive dismissal of field agent work. Because the Federal Government was unable to exercise proper usage of its available tools it must be granted further tools. It must be granted tools that are unprecedented in their violation of the Bill of Rights and Constitutional separation of powers; and the American politicians, media, and public bought in.

Do you feel surrounded by stupidity yet? Let's take this a little further, some time passes and some folks look at this stuff and start asking questions, so... we let it go on. The Patriot Act in all it's magnificent ridiculousness had one saving component - it sunsetted. Well, now it's not sunsetted. Since that didn't scare the pants off the public, how about some warrantless wire tapping. Never mind that a scary secret court makes no bones about approving this kind of spying on Americans, it needs to be dodged. Your head hasn't exploded yet? Well how about some torture to help that along. No kidding, no shit sherlock, the United States of America needs to torture people because our govenment is inept. How inept? How about renditioning an innocent to be tortured by a foreign government, an innocent citizen of a close ally.

Why preach to the choir? If you're not foaming at the mouth and doing something activist to kick these scum out of power you ain't the choir, you're, at best, a whiner. Are you donating time and money to a political campaign to oust them? Have you registered with an actual national Party to dig in and help? You think Iraq is a mess? Look a ways into our future, then. You are facing two choices in how to deal with this kind of crap, at the polls...or at the point of a gun. You are loosing your freedom. What the **** do you propose to do about it? You don't like my language? Well, I don't like whining and sloth. If you think you can question what I've tried to do about it or what I'm doing about it, you ain't paying attention. I have earned a right to call you out.

Oh, I almost forgot. If you're looking Uncle Fed, that's exactly right, I've accused your leaders of high crimes and misdemeanors and stated publicly that the choice is ballots or bullets. **** you too. You now have an open invitation to try out George II's bullshit on me, it would be a bad idea, though.

No, my head has not exploded, that's exactly the kind of country we live in now. If you don't think so, I guess you're ...

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