Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Political Poverty Bulls**t

Another Blog mentioned Carol Voisin's very small political warchest, like this is something surprising. Lets do some objective thinking about this, Waldenbush has or soon will have $ 1 Million to play with, he's an incumbent, his only apparent scandal is that he reliably votes for the interests of people who comprise maybe 0.0001% of the 2nd Congressional District, and he's Geo II's lap dog (well since T DeLay left). This isn't exactly a recipe for attracting big donors, and in a rather conservative district, being a liberal doesn't have a lot of big money backing. So...

During the Primary I wrote and said repeatedly that GW couldn't be beaten in the money game, that it had to be done differently. The money would have to come from the ordinary voters in dribs and drabs that would suffice to keep the thing breathing, the rest would have to be done through personal contacts, the candidate or surrogates. Now Carol's totals are not going cover even the most basic expenses, so she needs those dribs and drabs to start dribbling in. There's a link to her Actblue account in my sidebar, kick in something. If she gets starved out because you've decided this is a lost cause, then it is; if she can keep going she has a chance to do the hard work and so do her supporters. Waldenbush doesn't deserve a pass in this election.

Carol will be in Baker City for Miner's Jubilee 7/20-23, she'll have speaking opportunities and even get to ride in the Parade in my yellow SSR - top down. If you need an opportunity to have some fun that weekend, Miner's Jubilee in Baker City might be your ticket, and a chance to get to know my friend Carol Voisin. Thursday, 7/20, 7PM at the Presbyterian Church the Baker Co Democrats will have Carol available for speaking and meeting and greeting. Baker Co Democrats will have a booth at the Park Saturday, Carol will speak, and also be around for you to get acquainted. As an added attraction, I ought to be around somewhere...oh boy.

My Primary contribution total amounted to very little, but they enabled a fur-faced hick carpenter from the middle of nowhere with no staff and no time to get 11% of the vote, about 4,000 Democrats, the vast majority of whom had no previous contact with me. Those greatly appreciated dribs and drabs meant that something could get said and now I'm saying this, "It is utter bullshit to leave our Democratic candidate hanging by a thread and then criticize her for it." The money required to mount some kind of a campaign has to come from somewhere, from the folks or Waldenbush's kind of contributors, Carol is going to get it from "the folks" and that'll be to her credit and guess who a Representative with that base will represent.

This is not a "Voisin for Congress" site, she has her own, and I don't pretend to speak for Carol or to present her message. That's her job. But I also know Carol and I like her and I will stand up for her. You're darn right I'll vote for her and I'll encourage you to vote for her and to send her some of your hard earned cash, she'll make good use of it and she'll earn every nickle of it. Those of you who supported me believed that I don't engage in lying and spinning and do talk straight, well this is straight talk, Carol Voisin will better represent the 2nd CD than Waldenbush, hands down. This isn't Democratic Solidarity, it's just plain true, I wouldn't say it otherwise.

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