Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fed Sponsored Health Lies

The Washington Post, 7/18/06, describes how the Federal Government sponsors pregnancy centers lies regarding abortions. When asked about abortions the centers which receive federal funds stated that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, infertility, and "post-abortion syndrome" - a stress affliction. These centers are run by anti-abortion religious organizations and receive federal funds for "abstinence programs" which are to quote Care Net, "kept entirely separate." I also have a bridge for sale in NY,NY.

Let's see how this separation of funds works, I have program for abstinence which is something I want to do and I have an anti-abortion program which is something I want to do. Now I have a certain limitation of funds which might impede the operation of these two programs, so what I do is ask Uncle Sammy to give me money for one of these programs, the abstinence program since it's politically semi-neutral; now I have money to spread lies regarding abortion because George II likes to give money to Religions he likes (and nobody in Congress has the gonads to whack him for it).

Abortion is not a desirable thing, everybody's lives would be much better if there were none needed. The problem is that circumstances keep creating the necessity. Lying about health matters, whatever your religious orientation, is a serious matter, and considerably more serious if you represent yourself as a medical resource. Isn't it odd how lies and lying seem to surround George II and serious matters? Does it make you miss the days of an Oval Office blow-job as corruption?


Zak J. said...

As a parent, the whole "abstinence only" approach gets me hopping mad, because the people who play that game are playing with my childrens' lives (should my boys be dumb enough to listen to that crowd.) No, I don't want my kids to be sexually active, but since I really don't want them dead, diseased, or parents before-their-own-time because when the moment of temptation comes they aren't ready to be responsible.

Growing up where I did, the general consensus was that "Good Girls make mistakes, but Bad Girls carry condoms." So, if I had a dollar for every unchaperoned young lady who got pregnant at a revival camp meeting... But AIDS should have changed all this. Education is essential in an age where there is no line, no wall between populations. We all have a cousin, friend, ex-, etc.--someone in OUR crowd--who has engaged in risky behavior, be it indisciminate sex or intravenous drug use. I have a cousin in jail right now who's the sweetest guy on earth, but he's also an addict. They exist in every community. By not teaching kids about condoms, the "abstinence only" crowd is denying them a chance to make a mistake and TO SURVIVE IT. Quite simpley, they're killing our children. (Ditto for the anti-needle exchange fanatics.) Their obvious desire to see the "unvirtuous" punished ignores the simple facts of human interaction.

Anonymous said...

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