Friday, August 03, 2007

Senate Is An Ass

Just exactly how damn disappointed am I to find out that the US Senate buckles to George II's little hissy fits? What in the Sam Hill is the matter with these idjits? Look stupids, George whines, "I want a spy bill, I have to have a spy bill, and you give me a spy bill I like or I'll veto it!" So what? Give him a good bill and let him veto it so he has no bill. How damn complicated is that? NO BILL. sorry to yell.

He's the President of the United States of America not Saddam goddam Hussein, if they don't give him what he wants he can't just shoot them. He has to either take the bill or veto it. What? The American people will disapprove of Congress? THEY ALREADY DO!!! am I yelling again?

I've been willing to give Congress the benefit of doubt for not kicking presidential ass but this is not about a veto they're unable to override. At least Russ Feingold can get it right. "The day we start deferring to someone who's not a member of this body ... is a sad day for the U.S. Senate," Feingold said. "We make the policy _ not the executive branch."



Anonymous said...

I've been having a hell-of-a time finding the vote record of dimmos on this eavesdropping bill, which in my opinion is absolutely Unconstitutional. How the Senate could cower is really upsetting. And have you noticed nothing in any big media and big blogs are clamoring about this absurdity? Feinstein seems the only voice on reason and concern from the SENATE. Where was Reid? what is Pelosi's stand? What about Wyden and Smith? The silence is abominable. How much more power does Bush need with this and Executive order 51?

Anonymous said...

Is 51 the one that says predident can call martial law if we have attack, bird flu etc?