Sunday, April 08, 2007

DeFazio, The Senate, And Eastern Oregon

I won't tell readers that Peter DeFazio will win a Senate race in Eastern Oregon, he could and conditions are good, but it will take smart politics to do it. Democrats out here are hungry for a Candidate and Peter DeFazio has a consistent and honorable record. His easy going populism should play well in an area that has not benefited from Republican economic policies. He would not have to dodge a gun-grabber identity, his "B" rating from the NRA is not too bad for a national Democrat. Gordon Smith has a voting record that he is stuck with, if a campaign makes sure of it.

Democrats can win out here, Ron Wyden (D) has carried or nearly carried these counties, Gov. Kulongoski got good numbers (despite his campaign's early lack of attention) and local Democrats can do well. There are national issues that have, over the years, very nearly poisoned the well for Democrats, but a DeFazio campaign could overcome that. Money and press are a large part of that, but so is grass roots, and Democratic Parties in the counties can be or are active. The $5 contributions mentioned here are the kind of thing that show a grass roots support. A candidate must have visible support out here, signage and press and a campaign headquarters of some sort are a must and that takes attention. Ron Wyden pays visible attention to Eastern Oregon, others have dropped the ball. Fortunately for national candidates most television out here is westside, their ads get play, but on the ground support is essential. Newspapers, radio, and a general noise level are important. A viable candidate will get newspaper attention, but letters to the editor from locals and a general buzz are only possible from grassroots.

Peter DeFazio is a skilled politician and he knows this stuff, that's why a demonstration of support is so important, those $5 contributions.The Senate is very narrowly in Democratic hands, any Democratic losses would be catastrophic and additions would be hugely beneficial. Peter DeFazio is one of the best of the Democrats in the House today, in order to show that the loss of his presence in the House is outweighed by his chances in the Senate he needs to be shown broad support, he and the national Democratic machine. Bloggers can help, but it will take more than that, his Website has important info on his activities and contact information, he encourages E-mail as post mail is slow to reach him. Phone calls and letters:

Washington, DC Office2134 Rayburn H.O.B.Washington DC, 20515Phone: (202) 225-6416

Eugene Office405 East 8th Ave. #2030Eugene, OR 97401Phone: (541) 465-6732

Coos Bay Office125 Central, Suite 350Coos Bay, OR 97420Phone: (541) 269-2609

Roseburg Office612 S.E Jackson Street, Room 9Roseburg, OR 97470Phone: (541) 440-3523

If you'd like to see someone like Peter DeFazio as Oregon's other Democratic Senator it's going to take persuasion. The Smith people have more money than god himself and certain rather stupid editorial boards on their side, Pete needs to be shown that he has more on his side. Not only does Gordon Smith need to be sent home, he needs to be replaced by someone like Peter DeFazio, that being the case, why not have the actual article?

This will be cross posted at Chuck for and Bluesteel Democrats and Draft DeFazio since it's been awhile since I've had somebody to actually be "For." I'm doing my little part, how about you?


Anonymous said...

I leave the knowing of politics in Eastern Oregon to you. I know a " Liberal" dimmo has no chance in defeating Smith. Today's Big O says a war chest of 10 mill is necessary to mount a viable campaign. Just where is the national Dimmo's going to sit in a campaign to dump Smith? DeFazio will have to carry Multnomah county [ easy pickens], Washington county [ maybe not so easy, Clackamas, same way] and Marion and Lane county to succeed, and still with majority of Eastern Oregon vote. It can be done..but I think Westlund is a more likely candidate, if he doesn't shoot off his mouth. His Sales-Tax was pure stupid. But he is a gun-totin' dimmo.

Jeff Alworth said...

DeFazio is a perfect Oregon candidate--I wish all Oregon Dems followed his lead. (Chuck, incidentally, one of the reasons I was so supportive of your campaign is that you had the qualities I thought made you a pan-Oregonian candidate.) DeFazio understands rural Oregon and isn't averse to extractive industries--on which the state was built. He's genuinely an "Oregonian" in the mid-century sense; you can put him alongside Hatfield and McCall and his politics look a lot the same. But what most people forgot is that those Oregonians were social progressives and environmental conservatives (in the "conservation" sense).

KISS, you apparently don't understand the demographics of the fourth district. It has parts of urban Lane Co., but also encompasses Benton, Coos, Curry, Douglas, Josephine, and Linn Counties. Almost no candidate in Oregon can win BOTH Josephine and Multnomah Counties. The guy who could is Peter DeFazio. He has a great chance--far stronger than Westlund.

Chuck Butcher said...

I'm OK with Westland as a Democrat, but I think I'd like to see a little track record as a Democrat before going any farther with pumping him.

E OR would be a tough row for DeFazio to hoe, it can be done, but it would take real attention and smart politics. The 4th isn't a small district, but the 2nd would make your head explode if you aren't used to this place. I'm used to it and I think it's real big.

I've always kept a glancing attention on Peter DeFazio and have liked him, he's not an unknown name out here, but I'm not sure that how rural his District is, is appreciated.

Pan-Oregonian - wow, thanks Jeff.

Jeff Alworth said...

Well, DeFazio doesn't need to win the counties of the 2nd, he just needs to do better than some recent folks in statewide races. Kulongoski beat Saxton by 8 points statewide but got only 22% in Harney. Surely DeFazio could better that. If he holds up in his own district, picks up the traditional urban strongholds, and snags the swing counties on the coast and in the gorge, he could do it.

Chuck Butcher said...

I believe DeFazio would out-poll Kulongoski in the 2nd which would make his life ever so much easier in the rest of the state. He would have to pay attention to the E-side, though. Gov K's campaign seriously dropped the ball out here, until they got DPO involved, which was late.