Thursday, October 04, 2012

Well, I Watched The Debate...

If you were a Democrat it sucked, if you were an Obama fan it really sucked.  I realize it can be pretty difficult to counter someone who lies every other sentence and presents about a dozen alternate reality versions of himself - but... really? I know being a Democrat is a fairly complicated proposition and reality has an unfortunate tendency to screw with our desires - but... really?

I have one piece of advice for the President to use in the upcoming debates: Whatever it was you thought you were doing, STOP IT!

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LanceThruster said...

Expectations aside (I was hoping for/waiting for a sound drubbing of Rmoney), maybe it was some form of 11 dimensional chess. Trying to counter each one of his lies in real time had the chance of sounding shrill or possibly validating the ones not addressed.

Secondly, it seemed to fire up the base to some extent in that the race is not in the bag, and more money, effort, urgency wouldn't hurt. Rethuglicurs see this as some sore of game changer so I suppose there is some advantage to be had in reigniting their hopes.

I remember wanting the Bush/Gore contest to be over too, but was appalled at that outcome. Nowadays, I care not what travails any of us endure on the road to a second term for Obama, just that he sends the Mittbot packing.

I still fear the combination of voter suppression and ballot fraud as we have a media that would be hard-pressed to find its 4ss with both hands.