Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Which Wisconsin ?

I've been hearing something about a recall election in Wisconsin today, well maybe a bit more than something.  I guess I may not be in a tiny minority that knows about it.  A whole bunch of Wisconsinites got together and signed petitions to recall the Governor and some others and it is a national attention attraction.

I've gotten to hear a lot about how voters in Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin didn't get to hear about what their then candidates had to say about how they were going to do the things they did get up to.  My reaction to that excuse making is "horseshit" since they voted GOP and that bunch hasn't been making any sort of secret about their agenda.  Well, fine and good on that one - that was then and now is now and the recall in Wisconsin is now - like right this moment.  Here's the deal about Wisconsin, nobody can say they don't know this time around, there's been plenty of yelling and what not in Wisconsin about what has been done.

That election will be wrapping up in just a little while and Wisconsin will have made themselves clear.  The rest of the nation will look on and see what it is that Wisconsin means to tell the nation about themselves.

Will Wisconsin join Indiana in a race to the bottom, will Wisconsin continue to scapegoat those who have bargained for protections the rest did not and who bear no responsibility for the condition of the rest?  Does Wisconsin care to be "a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kochs"*?  Is it the will of Wisconsinites to subsidize the plutocrats at the cost of the ordinary and the poor citizens?

We'll see.

*credit to Charles Pierce


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