Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why The Hell Am I Doing This Again?

For awhile I've been satisfied with using BalloonJuice and Charles Pierce for reading matter and commenting on          politics.  Over at Charles' place this is how that worked out with this comment regarding Mitt's address to the NRA and folks commenting who thought penis envy entered any discussion regarding firearms.
Well shit. I've spent most of my life shooting a variety of firearms, including competively and hunting and just plain fun/practice. Lots of guns, lots of loading equipment, lots of experience with how rounds perform. The NRA stopped speaking for me quite awhile ago other than their safety programs.

I do have to tell some of you that if you think my dick has something to do with my firearms, you have odd ideas of what a dick is for - one of those items is actually a weapon and should be regarded as such... I'd have thought out of respect and consideration of enjoyment of partners involving the other you'd think otherwise. In shorter terms: I regard you as big an asshole as Wayne LaPierre and just as stupid.

Yes, I have more than a couple firearms and every one of them is particularly good at one thing versus the others... and if you can't understand that you must think a VW Bug and Semi are the same thing because they're called motorvehicles.
Which gets me this kind of shit:
 Chuck Butcher Well, Chuckie you all come back when you learn some manners, okay? Chuckie you do so fit the stereotype of the r-wingnuts. Black, black, black vs, white, white, white

Maybe you're a bit surprised by that if you've been around here before or read anything I've ever written.  It isn't as though there wasn't other work at the same blog to reflect on.  Nope - it just shows that knee jerk stupid on some issues isn't just a GOP affliction.

The problem was trying to respond to this kind of crap and remain even sort of polite at somebody else house.  Here I don't have that consideration, I can, if I choose, rip this person a brand spanking new butthole and have an entire body of work spanning about seven years to back myself.  You're free to be as big a dumb-ass as pleases you here, I won't interfere minus links to crap like Stormfront or porn or completely out of hand (I have a fairly broad interpretation) but there's no promise you'll like my reaction.  One other thing is that this little "vanity blog" has such a small audience and one that is familiar with my stuff that it is unlikely I'd get this crap other than from spamming trolls.

I make no promises to post regularly but "attaboys" to other people's work isn't all that satisfying so we'll see.

(oh yeah, I downloaded Chrome to be able to do this - pissed me off, too, and that's all it will do)


Anonymous said...


BJ, as you know, has the same issues. What I call 'The Posse' roams in groups to pile-on when the thread goes left or right.

It's hard to get a decent discussion started.

Memosyne (?) burns, amk, Brachiator et al.

Ben Franklin

Chuck Butcher said...

I've had my issues at BJ but it is also a bit more rough and tumble than CP's place.