Friday, December 16, 2011

Erin Burnett???

Why the hell did CNN hire a CNBC corporate buttkisser for a news show? Is this a competition with FauxNews to get to the lowest possible denominator in reporting/news reading? Who the hell writes her scripts, Lehman Bros?

I just watched her take big swipes at Fannie and Freddie in the light of investigations/charges for officers and not bother in the least to mention who the hell sold the paper to them - hint, hint = her former buttkissed buds at Banksters.greed.crooks/unindicted...

My low opinion of CNN is scrambling to find new expressions. (ones that don't involve inventive physically impossible profanities)


Anonymous said...

They just hired Christian Amanpour... rumor has it they are moving her into the 7pm slot... its a hedge hire and brilliant given Erins ratings are so horrid.

Chuck Butcher said...

Her show is GOP/Business schlock. Given that I have a low opinion of CNBC anyhow, this thing is more FauxBiddness than something I'd expect from CNN. I've watched the mess a couple times to see if I was being a dick about it - no I was being generous.

It isn't Beck bad, but it is bad.