Monday, July 25, 2011

The President and Speaker Spoke

And what did we get? The President almost kicked the GOP in the teeth all the while proposing GOP policy. The Speaker managed to start out with lies and then a major FU. It seems that the GOPer policy of holding the economy hostage will either succeed or kill the economy. Somehow we're supposed to believe that something Democratic will be included in this while the President takes the GOP approach called the Reid plan with no revenues.

Maybe you can start to understand that we're not talking about pissing off the Left, we're talking about doing the GOP dirty work and calling it compromise. It is not compromise to do what the other side wants, period. This was a speech by a Democratic President? This is a proposal by a Democratic Senate Majority Leader? I won't call compromise a dirty word, but I'd call this a dirty deal by cowards.

Where the hell does that leave most people who'd call themselves Democrats? (I don't mean my lefty friends) As this plays out I am assessing my affiliation. I don't like what I'm watching.


The Old Lady said...

Darned if I can understand the Dems! What about that enter-net third party? Trouble is it would disenfranchise a lot of elderly who don't have computers or the knowledge to use them.

Chuck Butcher said...

It is beginning to look as though voting Democratic is an exercise in voting for "not quite" GOP. That's not quite good enough. We'll see...