Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hero Worship

Anything "Poppa" does is the best thing in the world. When this picture was taken, 17 months, almost every other word was "Bike." Three times a day he wanted to go see it and touch it and name parts. Big words for a tyke, things like handlebars and headlight and simpler stuff like frame and tank.

With riding season winding down I've been playing a bit of Xbox 360, games like Dragon Age, Oblivion, and Mass Effect 2. The first one for played to any extent was Dragon Age and thus the Xbox and games in general got named "Dragon" after the logo that flies across the screen and roars. He is pretty consistent about begging for "Dragons." It doesn't matter that Mass Effect 2 has none, it will do as "Dragon."

It is charming to be my grandson's hero and to the extent that time alows I return his affection and attention. At times I do have to go make a living or do something other than be the companion of a year and half boy. He doesn't seem to fuss about it, but his attention is more intense if I've been gone. I have to wonder how it will play out as he discovers that I'm really just a guy and not a demi-god. Well, I love him and that will have to do.


WyldPirate said...

Hi, Chuck! Cute grandson and nice looking bike.

Thought I would drop by and check your digs out. Clicked your link a couple of times over the last few days and got sucked into a blogspot survey hell that kept recycling me back to the survey like Groundhog Day.

And roofing in the snow!?! Damn, that's hardcore, man.

WyldPirate from BJ

Chuck Butcher said...

Good to see you WP, you may have noticed there isn't a long string of comments to wade through...

WyldPirate said...

Hey, Chuck. No biggie about the comments. I tried running a little blog once and didn't get much traffic. I can say much of the same thing in blog comment sections and I enjoy mixing it up and discussing issues with folks on the blogs I go to.

I went back through some of your old posts and read a few. I was really impressed by the one on suicide. It was good advice and good thoughts. I've been in the place you were at once and considered it myself. I know where you've been and I'm sorry you had to feel the pain from the other end as well.

At any rate, I did enjoy your posts here and I enjoy your comments on BJ. I'll drop by again on occasion.

Meantime, don't slip on those slicked-assed snowy roofs!


Anonymous said...

Great Picture. Good Stuff :)

-Matt Clark